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An Englishman finds he is no longer British!
Published on February 20, 2004 By Syre William Byrd In Europe
I grew up with the Union Jack being the flag I loved and cherished. As I have matured I have found that ,and come to accept without critical thought , the interchangeability of the words British/ English. They mean the same thing right? Wrong, I would argue!
Britain is a political construct born out of conflict and alliance between first and foremostly, Scotland and Engalnd. Yet the Scots are allowed to be Scots first and foremost. The legacy of Imperial Britain, is squarely laid at the door of the English! Yet just as the other nations have achieved independence and thrown off the dastardly shackles of empire (ie US, India, Zimbabwe etc etc), my nation is still controlled by this British construct. In the last 6 years the Welsh and the Scots have achieved a more national and respected voice with their own parliaments/assemblies. England? Still no voice! It is time to achieve freedom from this oppressive socio political empire and become English (whatever we will make out that to be!) again!
Syre Byrd

on Feb 20, 2004
I'm not the most qualified to discuss this idea, being American and only having schooled over in England (Oxford) for a term, but it seems to me that even though the Scots and Welsh are getting to be more independently known, it's still the British or English Parliament who holds most of the cards, isn't it? Kinda like the East Coast and West Coasts in the States: The West has its own identity, but it's still the Easterners who control the books and laws. Hmm.

But I know little about British parliament, since Bridget Jones's Diary and Harry Potter don't really talk about it much and they, and the antiquties, are about the only English literature I've read. What kinds of freedoms do the Welsh and Scots have that the English don't?

BTW, I hear Braveheart wasn't entirely true... That was all I knew about Scotland for a long time.
on Feb 21, 2004
I heard this argument while I was in England and thought it was hogwash then and still do. Parliament is dominated by the English and so even though the Welsh and Scottish can vote in Parliament, they still don't rule over England.
on Feb 24, 2004
Well, the Scots and Welsh(though to a lesser degree) can raise their own taxes. Raising taxes, spending tax payers monies as you see fit and are become responsible/ accountable for, is a healthy sign of democratic life! Yes, it is still Westminster that Governs the UK as a whole and where the power resides. But, and this was the point that I am anxious about, the English have no such rights as a nation to do so. Scrap Westminster and have a loose federal idea? Yes by all means!